About us

The company

Enzman was formed on 8 July, 2014 as the US based branch of Gantt NZ Limited. It's purpose is to provide the setting of marketing objectives, planning marketing solutions and implementation of marketing programmes. That translates into - but is not limited to - content development, web design.

About Bruce Hudson

Bruce has spent the majority of his career in marketing and publishing. His work has been published around the world and translated into 14 languages. He has significant experience as a writer (Copy and technical), editor/subeditor, advertising sales, publisher, website developer, marketing strategist, typesetter, advertising production, photographer, creative director, pre-press and as a graphic designer. He has years of experience creating the marketing collateral that supports businesses - from press releases to websites to packaging and more. Bruce also has experience with radio and television in several capacities, from production to being interviewed, even animal wrangling (only twice). During Bruce's career, he has seen the marketing practices transform with the emergence of the internet (he created his first website in 1998), and behind the scenes from analog to digital.

In 1999 Bruce started working at electronics manufacturer Navman (then called Talon Technology) where over the next five years Bruce rewrote the way Navman produced their user manuals and marketing collateral. He introduced professional translation and efficient ways of getting the millions of words and thousands of pictures accurately into print, running a team of employees and a small army of contractors. He supported the creation of three new company divisions and introduced solid branding practices for Navman. He also introduced to Navman color packaging, professional brochures, redeveloped their website and coordinated sponsorship which gave Navman vital exposure into the European and North American markets.

Of particular interest to Bruce are the ways to engage market more effectively and efficiently, in particular taking advantage of the synergies between traditional and online solutions. Today, he still gets immense satisfaction when marketing solutions he works on impacts in a positive way.

Personally, Bruce's interests include racing yachts (Lasers), Toastmasters (public speaking), hiking, chess and most racquet sports.