• Posted on: 29 January 2018
  • By: Bruce Hudson

The most important stories about your enterprise exist in the minds of those who interact: externally with clients, potential clients, suppliers and others; and internally with staff.

These stories are not just the ones on your 'About us' page, they are the undocumented experiences people have had with your enterprise. It's the ease by which wanted information is obtained and the frustrations remembered when it wasn't. It also is the quality of the service provided, what the environment was like, how friendly your staff were, whether or not needs or expectations were met, and how speedily the product / service / information was delivered.

And these stories are shared - years ago just by word of mouth - more recently by Social Media and websites that encourage comments about actual experiences (e.g. Yelp and Google Plus). The story is continued into cyberspace, where inaccuracies of your location or incorrect open hours - the negative - can take on new significances made possible by social media. Alert marketers are not just aware of these issues, but engage, and become part of a promising dialogue that rarely delivers directly to the bottom line - rather indirectly.

While acknowledging the complexities, steps can be taken to influence the stories.

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